FreeBSD can’t find Wifi Hotspot

Usually, my FreeBSD 12.2 based Laptop connects to Wifi’s just fine. Given my configuration is correct. For some reason, I could not connect to my Android Phone. I could not even see it.

The problem

My Android phone’s Wifi is called “AWifi”. Let’s run a quick scan for Wifis on my Laptop:

# ifconfig wlan0 scan
SSID/MESH ID                      BSSID              CHAN RATE    S:N     INT CAPS
MyHome                            4c:12:65:0a:23:c9    1   54M  -65:-96   100 EPS  RSN HTCAP WME
Vodafone Hotspot                  4e:12:65:0a:23:99    1   54M  -65:-96   100 ES   HTCAP WME
Vodafone Homespot                 4e:12:65:0a:23:b9    1   54M  -65:-96   100 ES   HTCAP WME

No “AWifi” there but why?
Well, turned out my laptop’s Wifi was set up for the “US regdomain” but my phone, which I bought in Germany, was not. What was going on is that my phone was using a Wifi frequency which isn’t allowed in the US region but it is in Germany. Setting regdomain to “DE” on my laptop solved the issue. Here is what I did.

The fix

  1. (optional) Check what the current setting for the regdomain is
# ifconfig wlan0 list regdomain 

2. Get the supported regdomains

# ifconfig wlan0 list countries

3. Set a new regdomain

# ifconfig wlan0 regdomain ETSI country DE

4. (optional) Make the change permanent so it’s not lost after a reboot

# sysrc create_args_wlan0="country DE regdomain ETSI"


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