Day 9 – First stock photo got rejected

5:00 AM, my first goal was to get a proper avatar for this website. Unfortunately, WordPress wants to get the avatar from Gravatar, a service I do not use nor want to use. Luckily it turned out this was an easy task which I solved by installing a WordPress plugin called WP User Avatars.

Initially, I had planned to first customize the theme to my needs and just then start uploading content. However, I changed my plan to just do customizations as needed for two reasons. One, to avoid spending time making changes that I might not even need at the end. And two, to avoid getting lost in trying to make it perfect. I know I’m prone to fall into this trap.

My second achievement for today is to have the photo workflow now automated up to the point where I can start working with the images in Darktable. It wasn’t a big deal overall but I disliked a lot the boring but unfortunately necessarily steps I had to take before I could actually work with the images I have taken. Sometimes in the past, I did not even start editing because of that. So, I’m pretty happy that this is out of the way now.

The rest of the time I did spend educating myself about stock photography. Puh, there are people out there with awesome images and a lot of them but they haven’t sold any. What ? I have to admit reading such articles, and it was more than just one, did make me question if it’s really worth continuing.

Not to mention that I had also received a notification from that my image does not qualify for their market. The worst part though, I don’t know why. I have reached out to them to get more information. Let’s see what will happen.

After all, I will continue, despite all the news from today. It’s clear though it will be hard to make the first sale and I have to learn a lot more.

cu tomorrow

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