Day 8 – Photo workflow automation started

I have mentioned before that my focus is on optimizing my photo processing workflow, This starts with copying the RAW images from SD-CARD to my local hard drive. Later I will rate and process the photos in Darktable (an open-source RAW Image editing software) and finally upload the good images to a stock photo website.

I’m really looking forward to having all the boring steps in the process automated. Ideally, I would come home from a photoshoot, insert the SD card in the PC and be able to start editing without any further manual steps needed to do before that.

So far I have:

  • insert SD-Card into PC ( manual )
  • copy images to local hard drive ( automated )
  • sort images by date and camera model ( automated )
  • generate preview files ( work in progress )

I’m wondering how other software is dealing with the latter bullet point. This step is not strictly necessary but avoids that Darktable starts to generate the previews after opening it up. Which slows it down quite a bit even on a powerful PC.

That’s it for today.

cu tomorrow

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