Day 7 – Daily blogging saves me time

It’s too early to draw big conclusions but at least in my current situation, it appears that the additional effort I have with writing these daily Blog entries isn’t added effort. It’s worth more than I had anticipated. Jotting down these notes has implicitly turned into my project planning session. Let me explain.

  • Making the right adjustments
    • While writing, you have to walk through your day again. The information in your head is still fresh and it’s therfore easy to remember what went well and what has sucked today. I found it to be a good time to think about how to adjust.
  • Planning the next steps
    • After completing the step above, I ususally have a quite good idea what I need next and can avoid to plan tasks which aren’t most relevant. This isn’t the case 100% of the time but looking back I’m confident my time was invest well and I have produce little to no waste.

My first week of daily blogging is over and I have to admit that this micro achievement actually made me smile throughout today’s writing session.

cu tomorrow

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