Day 6 – Family day

Just yesterday I wrote that I feel I have to push harder, make more progress, get more done but today I did spend entirely with my family and did not put anything on my to-do list for this project.

It’s hard at first to know that there will be no progress but I’m not here to win the qualifying of a Formula-1 race. I’m here to win the race or even season if you so will. In a Formula-1 event you have to push as hard as you can to win the qualifying but using the same strategy for the 2-hour long race is likely not a good idea. You will burn too much fuel and your tire wear will be too high. The result is you are forced to take a lot more pit stops than others. After all, the pushing hard all-time strategy will usually not work out well over the duration of a 2-hour long race.

What does that mean for me? Well, I think the key is to have a work-life balance strategy that allows me to push hard when I can and it’s needed but leaves room to refill my batteries before they get totally empty to avoid running into burnout. Even though I knew this before, it’s still hard to take a break. I had a wonderful day with my family and I know it was the right thing to do.

5 min. left 🙂 But let’s call it a day.

cu tomorrow


  1. Are we expecting more photos from that bird place?

  2. Let me assume you are referring to the picture I posted on EyeEm: ? Then the answer is yes. The one I have linked just happened by chance. I do plan to revisit the place and see if I can get some more photos of the heron.

  3. The place I mean where we saw the yellow green bird .

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