Day 5 – Effectiveness isn’t there yet

I need to make more progress on a daily basis. That’s my general feeling despite I’m feeling alright about my efficiency. Whenever a time window opens up, planned or by chance, I know what I will use it for thanks to my task list. Nevertheless, my available time will remain very little for some months. With that in mind, I reviewed my notes about monetizing my photos. Which is my first potential future source of income.

The focus of my review was on two things. One, what can be automated, and two what can be delegated or outsourced now or later. To give you an example. Uploading photos to a stock photo service is an activity that costs time and the amount need for that increases linearly with the number of photos I have.

For instance, I have to click the upload button, enter things like a description and tags, for each photo. Worse, I need to repeat all that if there is more than one service I’m going to upload too. It’s also a recurring task. So scripting steps in this process should be a good upfront investment and hopefully pay off later.

In a nutshell, my focus right now is on optimizing the whole process from taking a picture over to processing and finally making a sale. This should lead to more time for the creative part which is where I can bring in specific skills and knowledge.

The review exercise felt really helpful and gave me some more clarity on what my next steps will be.

cu tomorrow

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  1. How about making the description and tags as a part of the photo?

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