Day 4 – Entered the stock photo business

Why do we have a weather forecast? All three apps I use predicted a rainy and cloudy morning but then we got this:

There was no question I had to go out and practice even though it would mean I will not be able to complete the tasks I had selected for today. The tradeoff felt right though and having my photo equipment ready all-time paid off again.

Back home I did set up an account at, a stock photo service, and uploaded my first image. The plan is to upload now regularly and maybe this could become my first income stream. Even if not, I hope by sharing my images I can get feedback on what kind of image people like. This information might become valuable for further projects I have in mind, like printing a calendar.

Here is the link to my account at EyeEm.

So much for today.

cu tomorrow


  1. Pics are quite nice, one little suggestion, if people can view the full image by clicking on it, that would be more nicer!

  2. Thats a good idea!.

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