Day 3 – Two photos within 30 seconds

Remember the photo location I used to be two days ago? This morning around 9 AM I have been there again but instead of birds, I spotted people. That’s usually not a good sign because most often it is equal to no wildlife around this area. However, I decided to keep walking towards the nearby forest and got lucky just a few moments later. Dear! What a start in the day. I could not wish for more.

But wait, actually my day had started already at 5 AM with a debugging session of my current WordPress theme. It’s been a while since I had worked with WordPress but after some warm-up time, I felt back home again. Overall a good investment to refresh my skills with themes as I have further adaptations planned to do.

It was also the second day I prepared a task list in the morning and again it worked out well. However, I consider shifting this activity to the evening, so when I get up the next day it’s already clear what to do.


My goal list is growing slowly and one item on it is to upload my good photos to a stock photo site. I have no experience with that, so let’s see how this will turn out.

So much for today.

cu tomorrow

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