Day 2 – A good day

Day 2 is coming to an end and I was able to complete all the tasks I have put on my list this morning.

I have extended the contract for the domain for another year which was about to expire in a week. Later I uploaded my first two posts and removed all the clutter from my hard disk. The latter one is a task I had noted down a while ago but it remained sticky like glue in my head for some reason. Usually, this isn’t the case and the reason number one why I do write down every idea and task which comes to mind.

Looking forward I will continue to write down a list of items I want to complete that day, for now not more, just for that day. I also realized I have to set a time limit for writing these diary entries. The first two posts took quite long to write and I did spend even more time rewriting parts of it over and over again. So from now on, I will give myself a maximum of 30 minutes from starting to write to pressing the publish button. In addition, I think it would be helpful to find a structure for this kind of post. I plan to experiment with that throughout the next few days with the goal to give myself and the reader more structure as well as speed up the whole process. Let’s see how this will work out.


With the 30 minutes time limit for writing in place now, I should have 1,5 hours per weekday on average to complete the remaining task. Not a lot but that’s all I have right now and knowing that also helps with making realistic plans later on.

Talking about plans. I need a kind of project plan and I will start tomorrow by writing down my goals for this year. My tool of choice for that is pen and paper. So often in the past, I have fallen into the trap of using a fancy tool for that and ended up spending more time working around limitations given by the tool or dealing with software issues instead of focusing on making a good plan.

The thirty minutes are used up.

cu tomorrow


  1. Honey, I’m your first audience, but I’m pretty sure I will not be the last.
    I’ve finished all the last three diaries, hard to believe , right? It’s also nice to see in this way what you are thinking and planing. Keep going. I’m always right there!

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