Day 27 – Week 4 review

It wasn’t an easy week. Twice I had to push myself hard to actually write an update for the blog instead of going to sleep. If you remember, one of my goals is to become better at writing and now after 27 days of consecutive writing, I think I can see some slight improvement.

Other than that, there weren’t many highlights this week but let’s take a closer look.

This week in short

Once more the goals I had set.

  • At least one more FreeBSD related blog post
  • Update website frontpage to make post categories more visible
  • Go out photgraping at least twice
  • Upload a first working version of the Mediatool

Hmm, the first two goals I have definitely missed, 100%. Going out photographing I have partially achieved. Meaning, I have been out twice at least but did not manage to get a nice image.
Lastly, goal number four. Well, not achieved either but the tool has seen some major improvements and it feels now more complete than ever.

To conclude, zero out of four sounds like a solid fail and yes, I need to understand why reality was so much different from what I thought I accomplish to do this week.

However, I think it was the right decision to focus on developing the tool further and try to get it done. It’s a key part of my stock photo workflow. The only potential income stream I have set up at this point and therefore it ranks higher in priority than the other goals.

Goals for the next week

There is a good chance, for personal reasons, that I will have no time at all to work on anything from now on for some time, maybe days, maybe weeks but hopefully not months. So I will not start anything new but just try to check off the bullet points from the above list.

With that said, I hope to keep writing daily throughout the next time but I might not be able to.

Project Piece by Piece, however, will continue that’s out of the question but it might become silent for some time.

Cu soon again

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