Day 24 – Slightly better Nextcloud experience

Some days ago I mentioned my RockPro64 FreeBSD-based Nextcloud server. It still runs rock stable but it’s not performing as I wished. The two main issues I have are download speed and responsiveness. The latter typically shows up when there are multiple concurrent users online.

The reason? I have no clue but I think there is room for improvements at all layers starting from tuning FreeBSD itself up to the actual Nextcloud application.

I’m not an expert in optimizing web servers and I guess there are typically place to look for. For me, however, it’s more of a trial and error process. So I started by looking into my Nginx server config and found a Digital Ocean tutorial which I followed along.

Turned out the main performance boost came from increasing the number of worker_processes from 2 to 6 in nginx.conf, to match the number of CPU cores my server has.

However, like with all changes of such nature, it’s a good idea to test it properly before drawing a final conclusion. Thus, I will not touch the configuration for some days and just then apply further changes to my server.

To conclude, the web interface of Nextcloud feels more responsive now but I’m not really satisfied yet. Overall I think with the hardware I use, the server could do even better.

So much from today.

cu tomorrow

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