Day 22 – Sharing my project plan for the first time

Until today I haven’t talked to anyone about my plan for the next 365 days. Not because I’m afraid somebody would steal my ideas but more so because I felt my plan wasn’t major enough yet and also I wasn’t sure whom to involve. All that changed today and it was a good decision.

I got an active listener. Even though the talk lasted for only about five minutes, it was enough to touch on most key aspects and collect new ideas for refining them. My listener did not have to say a single word. Just the fact that I was talking about made me instantly realize where gaps are.

Once we have a chance to actually take a look at the mind map I have created, I think we can identify even more and most likely also things that I did not see yet. Also, I have to say that having a plan written down has helped me to tell a somewhat structured story. At least I hope it was.

That’s it from today.

cu soon

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