Day 21 – Where is my writing strategy?

Another day which was owned by my day-to-day job. We had a hard deadline, two tools had to be released by today. I got it done. Are the tools perfect? No, by no means but they perform well enough to fulfill their purpose and they got accepted by the customer as they are.

The thing is, would I have written the tools for myself, I would not have accepted them today. I know I can do better would I have some more time. With regards to my FreeBSD blog post, which I started to write a week ago I’m basically exactly in the same boat. It now contains the information I want to communicate but I’m not happy with it yet. The way it’s structured, the way it sounds, the level of detail it has.

The question is. How much more time can I allow myself to work on it?

I don’t know. I tried to put myself back in the situation of being an absolute FreeBSD noob because I intended to write it for starters. That worked okay-ish but what I found an even better approach is to think about what I would need right now to improve my writing. Thinking this way, despite it being a different topic, worked way better and I think because it is a present problem. No need to simulate a situation that is long gone. Well, some years at least.

As you know, I’m a noob when it comes to writing. So what helps me most to become better with it, is to read articles that cover some applicable key concepts or strategies of writing.

I still can’t r provide an estimation on how much more time I will need to finish the post but it helped a lot to get into the right mood. How it is to start out with something new.

Let’s see how it goes now. I definitely feel more confident and I’m still wondering why I did not clearly define the target audience and also what I want to achieve with the post beforehand.

So much from today.

cu next time

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