Day 20 – The first blog post

Last Sunday I had set the goal to release my first FreeBSD-related blog post this week. I did fail badly but I manage to write a post about a fix for a Wifi related problem I had with my Laptop. So there it is my first blog. This feels so good.

Turned out, the problem was generic enough in nature to make my experience worth sharing. At least that’s what I thought. Anyways, maybe my short post saves someone the headache. Fun fact, I actually, enjoyed writing this short post so much that the idea was born to introduce a new category to my website, which I want to call “Qicktip” for now.

Before calling it a day, let’s sum the week real quick.

This week in short

  • New Blog posts
    • Without a question, I have missed my initial goal for this week, to write an article about some of the FreeBSD resources I regularly use when I get stuck.
  • Stock Photo
    • My first photo got acepted by BigStock and EyeEM and can now be purchased.
  • Photographing
    • Just went out once and did not get a good photo. There was a chance though would I have been more patient and savy with my gear.
  • Mediatool
    • Refactored a lot to improve readeability of the code. Also I have added new features. It works but I did not make it publicity available yet.

Goals for the next week

  • At least one more FreeBSD related blog post
  • Update website frontpage to make post categories more visible
  • Go out photgraping at least twice
  • Upload a first working version of the Mediatool

That’s it for this week.

I hope to welcome you again next week. Cheers.

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