Day 19 – Daily writing experience

It’s now 20 days in a row that I write to this logbook. Every day around midnight I take my time to reflect on the day and jot down some notes. Is it good? Yeah, I think so. it helps me to adjust my plans and invest my time in the right things.

And my upfront concern, to not know what to write had vanished already after some days. It has been a positive experience after all. Let me summarize real quick.

The pros

  • I have learned some new English words through writing and Grammarly has helped a lot to point out some of my most frequent mistakes.
  • Often new ideas and some days even solutions will pop up while reflecting on the day.
  • I now use the time after writing, to make a plan for the next day. So when I get up in the morning, the plan is there and I can start doing stuff right away. This helps a lot to not lose time for orientation.
  • Using a 30 minute time window for writing has helped to reduce the time I spend on writing. I have to admit that it’s often not enough. Regardless, I will keep the window as is as it still serves its purpose to stay concentrated and get it done.

The cons

On the negative side, there isn’t anything really. Yes, it takes time to write, and with the little time, I have every day, spending time on writing instead of working on a project remains a concern. However, the pros outweigh to cons by far. So I will keep writing.

38 minutes 😉

cu tomorrow

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