Day 18 – Release strategy for blog posts?

Do you remember the image I uploaded to this stock photo website It’s approved now! Just after writing yesterday’s logbook entry, I received an e-mail from them. This is really good news because I could really not figure out why it has been rejected in the first place. The reason? A mistake on their side. It’s a tiny thing after all but since I’m just starting out, it’s a valuable experience. Don’t give up to early!

What else happened today? Well, not much actually. That’s a bit unfortunate because it seems that finishing my FreeBSD Blog post by Sunday will become super challenging. I don’t want to publish it before it’s not good enough, especially because it’s the first of its kind. The question though is, what is good enough in this case?

I do not have a strategy for releasing posts yet. Maybe something I should have though. Some acceptance criteria, a checklist of some sort. Without that in place, the plan, for now, is just to continue writing and make a decision on Sunday.

That’s it for today.

cu tomorrow

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