Day 16 – The unexpected happened

It’s a day of good news.
First, the “MediaTool”, the piece of software I use to copy my images from SD-Card to my PC has received some major refactoring today. In fact, I spend some hours on it. Yes, hours !! There is some work left to do but I can already smell the release day.

The second, and most important news from today though is, I have seen the Beaver for the second time. Awesome, isn’t it? Well, it was just for a second or so but seen is seen. The short story is, I have spent already hours, many hours, trying to take a picture of the little fellow and had exactly zero success. Simply because I could not find him. My hope now is that I don’t have to wait another 7 months before he shows up again.

And lastly, I started writing my FreeBSD Blog post. It went ok. However, I already have around 700 words and it’s just the beginning. That’s a bit scary.

Let’s end this wonderful day here.

cu tomorrow

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