Day 15 – Back in nature

Another dentist appointment in the morning and another opportunity to photograph. Again I stopped on my way back home at the small lakes nearby the road. A heron and two great white egrets. The conditions weren’t great, low light, people, and a bit of rain mixed with snow.

It’s when you feel how the cold goes through your clothes and make your hands feel like ice blocks almost instantly. Though, I loved it and breathed in every minute I had, out there in nature. The time I did spend with the birds made up for everything, Even though I did not get any picture worth uploading to a stock site. It’s the time in nature that counts most for me. I feel free when I’m out there, photographing or not.

The rest of the day was packed and only now, 10:45 PM, I have some time. I want to finish my research for the FreeBSD blog post today so I can start writing soon.

cu tomorrow

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