Day 14 – BigStock made my day

Two minutes every morning I spend on checking e-mails, plus-minus. Sorting out the trash, reading the short once, and tagging the interesting once with “read later”. Today an e-mail from BigStock had landed in my inbox. Letting me know that they have reviewed and accepted the photo which got rejected at EyeEM. Unfortunately, I still have not received any feedback from EyeEM why they rejected it.

The remaining time today, which again wasn’t much, I spend collecting information for my first FreeBSD-related blog post, which I plan to write throughout the week. The article will target beginners and focus on the available resources one can utilize to get help. That’s something I struggled with when I made my first steps with FreeBSD. So I hope people will find posts through google and the one or the other starter finds it useful.

cu next time

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