Day 13 – Weekly review

The week was packed with problems and the overall progress wasn’t great – to put it lightly. It wasn’t a step back either. I think the biggest improvement I have made is gaining some understanding of the stock photo market and how it might contribute to my income.

After some excitement early this week, I came to realize that making serious money with stock photography will be hard and is more of a long-term goal. I have seen videos of people who have thousands of good pictures uploaded to these sites and their monthly earnings range from zero to about 500$ per month. There are exceptions to this but even if I could land somewhere in the upper range by the end of this year, it would not be enough income to pay my bills.

To conclude, I will keep polishing my toolchain and keep uploading throughout the year and then decide how to continue with that.

That said, it’s time to set up more potential income streams. The one I will focus on in the coming week is this blog. Similar to the stock photo income stream, it’s something that needs to grow over time. Thus, I want to start early and keep adding content regularly rather than posting a full series of articles at once one day.

The plan is to have one proper post out by the end of the week, Writing daily showed already that once you get started, it becomes easier over time. I’m confident this effect will repeat with writing other content too.

And lastly, I have created a schedule for the coming week, as explained yesterday. Let’s see how this will work out. I’m looking forward to another interesting week.

So, time is up.

cu tomorrow

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