Day 11 – Photo toolchain refactoring

Dear Logbook, it was a good day, despite having again only some minutes here and there to work on my project. I found a new font for the website by chance and also checked if my Android App Development setup is still somehow functional and found it is. If however, I can still produce an App that runs on a device is something to be found out.

The App I want to develop is about task management but first I need to warm up a bit again with the whole process. It’s been a while since I wrote my last App.

The remaining time I did spend on refactoring a tool I use to sort images. I call it MediaCatalog, probably I need to find a better name before putting it online. It’s a small python based tool I have developed that helps me to quickly create the folder structure I need for storing my photos on disk and also copies the images to the right place. The structure I use is basically “Year/Month/Day/CameraModel/image.orf”.

Once I’m done with refactoring I will post a link. It will be a free-to-use tool. So everyone who likes can use it.

So little for today.

cu tomorrow

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