Day 12 – Finding more time to work

I knew from the beginning that I will not have a lot of time right now to work on my project but this week did put me on a real test. It feels like being tied to a tree. It’s very clear though that I have to change something if I want to come any closer to being independent of my day-to-day job by the end of the year. The question is just, what to change?

I thought a lot about it these days and then I remembered I used to plan my day on an hourly basis back in the days. It required a lot of discipline and surely did not work out every day either. However, it did help to reduce wasted time. And that could be the time I can use for my project.

Without going into all details right now, here is the underlying idea. Pick one day of the week and make it become your planning day. For me, it’s usually Sunday. Start to put all events on a calendar for the upcoming week. Mark the once which can’t be shifted. Like appointments at the doctor and such things. Next, try to place all remaining duties, e.g. shopping for food, right next to them. Ideally, identify events that are at a similar location or have something else in common. Like, you need to go there by car.

Once that is done, further optimization can happen. To use the doctor appointment example again. I’m already trying to get the first time slot on that day. Why? Simply because I don’t have to wait. I will be there in time and usually can go straight to the doctor’s room without ever sitting down in the waiting room. The second good thing is, I avoid the rush hour. That’s another big-time saver.

Like in the example above, I need to find more time-saving opportunities like this. At a first glance, it seems there is nothing but I will take some time tomorrow for this exercise. I’m sure there is more time I can squeeze out. There must be!

cu tomorrow

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