Day 10 – Organising notes

The day started with “server not reachable”. Really? It seemed the day had come when my new self-build RockPro64 Nextcloud server will see its first reboot. To my surprise, it was just the router that needed a reset. 38 days uptime and counting.

RockPro64 FreeBSD Nextcloud Server Uptime

I have already started to work on a blog post about my setup. Stay tuned if you are interested. It will come soon.

The rest of the day I spend with virtual housekeeping. Cleaning up my e-mail folders, deleting the clutter, and merging notes. I can live with some chaos for a while but I know how good it feels to have my stuff organized. After a good clean-up session, I actually enjoy working even more. It’s just more fun if your data is where it’s supposed to be and you don’t have to spend energy on finding it. Let’s keep it that way.

And lastly, it’s now 5 days since I have been out and practicing photographing. I’m really looking forward to the weekend and being out in nature again.

11:11 PM. the daily logbook entry is written. This might be the earliest time since I have started.


cu tomorrow

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